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Innovative diagnostic solutions for acute and critical care conditions

We are committed to improving patient outcomes with innovative diagnostic solutions for acute and critical care that allow the diagnosis, outcome prediction, and monitoring of patients with acute medical conditions.

SphingoTec is a privately held company located in Hennigsdorf near Berlin, Germany. With a long history of biomarker discovery, development, and validation, we develop and market innovative IVD solutions for our novel and proprietary blood-based protein biomarkers. 
Our aspiration is to effectively translate scientific advancements into routine clinical practice. We develop biomarkers addressing diagnostically underserved acute and critical care conditions such as sepsis, acute heart failure, and acute kidney injury, which are some of the biggest mortality drivers worldwide.

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Latest News

06. September 2023
A new study and real-world data on the kidney function biomarker penKid underline its potential to monitor kidney function during acute kidney injury (AKI) and RRT and to support liberation decisions from RRT.
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31. August 2023
The MDA solidifies the partnership between Boditech and SphingoTec, aiming to support the successful commercialization of the assay for the biomarker penKid on the AFIAS platforms.
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09. May 2023
SphingoTec has been successfully re-certified according to ISO 13485 and received its first IVDR certificate for its IVD product sphingotest® penKid®.
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Media Coverage

09. May 2023
SphingoTec GmbH has received its IVDR certificate for its sphingotest® penKid® confirming the quality and compliance of this product with regulatory requirements.
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30. January 2023
The mission of the company SphingoTec is to improve patient care through innovative diagnostic solutions for acute and intensive care medicine.
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15. November 2022
Boditech Med will develop and make point-of-care tests for acute kidney injury using a kidney function biomarker licensed from SphingoTec.
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Find out about the latest breakthroughs in clinical diagnostics and get valuable insights from international healthcare experts. To help improve patient management in acute and critical care conditions, we have created a series of webinars that look at the latest diagnostic innovations and how they influence today's clinical practice. Click here to see all available Webinars.


The implementation of a novel kidney function biomarker in clinical routine

Speaker: Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Gernot Marx | Head of the Department of Intensive Care Medicine and Intermediate Care at the University Hospital RWTH Aachen


Using bio-ADM and penKid for optimization of AHF management in daily clinical practice

Speaker: Prof. John Parissis MD, PhD,  Attikon General Hospital


Using Proenkephalin as a Novel Biomarker to Estimate GFR

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Peter Pickkers, Radboud University, Nijmegen

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