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Understanding disease pathways and biomarker development is our expertise

SphingoTec is driven by the goal of improving patient management and reducing mortality in critically ill patients by developing first-in-class biomarkers. We follow a hypothesis-driven approach that is rooted in a profound understanding of disease biology. The research conducted at SphingoTec has identified major pathways in the evolution of critical care diseases and conditions. The latest scientific advancements, that have resulted after conducting more than 100 clinical studies and analyzing the data of more than 100,000 patients, are revealing previous blind spots in the disease evolution and are shedding light on new pathophysiological processes.

Human kidney cross section on blue, science background.


A widespread disease, but difficult to recognize

Recognition of AKI is often delayed in hospitalized patients and the outcome of patients with dialysis-requiring AKI has not changed in the past decades, showing the great need for innovative diagnostic tools.


Biomarkers and the management of sepsis patients

Recent research has identified new molecules that are informative and help clinicians understand the etiology of the patient’s clinical symptoms, paving the way for personalized medicine in the field of sepsis.