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Biomarker out-licensing

SphingoTec has established an extended intellectual property portfolio covering biomarkers and its clinical utility for acute care conditions such as sepsis, acute heart failure, and acute kidney injury. The proprietary biomarker portfolio includes bioactive Adrenomedullin (bio-ADM), a biomarker for real-time assessment of endothelial function in conditions like sepsis or congestive heart failure, and Proenkephalin (penKid), a biomarker for real-time assessment of kidney function. The biomarker portfolio is available for licensing to companies wishing to develop assays for clinical use on their immunoassay platforms.

bio-ADM - endothelial function biomarker

Bioactive Adrenomedullin (bio-ADM), is a dynamic biomarker for the real time assessment of endothelial function. Loss of endothelial function is causing the formation of edema, shock and subsequent organ failure in critically ill patients.

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penKid - kidney function biomarker

Proenkephalin (penKid), is a dynamic biomarker for the real time assessment of kidney function. penKid is a blood-based alternative for quickly detecting true glomerular filtration rate (true GFR) that is applicable for routine testing independent from inflammation and comorbidities.

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Commercial Opportunity

For broad market adoption of our first-in-class biomarkers, we partner with global IVD companies. If you are interested in obtaining licenses to our proprietary biomarkers, let's get in touch!

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