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Investor Relations

We aim to sustain continuous, clear, and trustful communication with all our partners and stakeholders.

Innovative diagnostic solutions for acute and critical care conditions

We are committed to improving patient outcomes with innovative diagnostic solutions for acute and critical care that allow the diagnosis, outcome prediction, and monitoring of patients with acute medical conditions.

SphingoTec develops and markets innovative IVD solutions for novel and proprietary blood-based protein biomarkers. Our aspiration is to effectively translate scientific advancements to routine clinical practice. We develop biomarkers addressing diagnostically underserved critical care conditions such as sepsis, acute heart failure, and acute kidney injury.

SphingoTec is a privately held company with a long history of biomarker discovery, development and validation. We are the legal manufacturer of the CE IVD microtiter plate assays. Committed to providing solutions that meet and exceed customer and regulatory requirements, we manufacture our products in accordance with EN ISO 13485:2016.


Our investors share our vision of improving patient outcomes

SphingoTec in a nutshell

Our portfolio of tests supports better management of critically ill patients, where fast and reliable information is essential in taking treatment decisions. The solutions we have created combine scientific discoveries with medical research and robust technologies to support clinicians in improving disease management. We work together with internationally leading academic and non-academic medical centers, as well as with global IVD and pharma companies to bring these innovations closer to the patients. 

Investment Thesis

Global expansion

Through strategic partnerships and out-licensing of our biomarkers, we aim at making the innovations worldwide available.

Early stage opportunity

An opportunity of investment in more than 200 patents that could benefit over 60 million patients worldwide.

Skillful team

A skilled international team with a broad scope of experience committed to improve patient lives

An innovative portfolio

Innovative biomarkers for diagnosis, outcome prediction, and monitoring of mortality drivers in the intensive care unit.

Latest News

05. October 2023
A new, improved formula has been developed for estimating the GFR using kidney function biomarker penKid. According to the data, penKid strongly correlates with the measured GFR (mGFR), while the penKid-based formula for estimating GFR performs better than routinely used equations.
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06. September 2023
A new study and real-world data on the kidney function biomarker penKid underline its potential to monitor kidney function during acute kidney injury (AKI) and RRT and to support liberation decisions from RRT.
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31. August 2023
The MDA solidifies the partnership between Boditech and SphingoTec, aiming to support the successful commercialization of the assay for the biomarker penKid on the AFIAS platforms.
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Events & Expos

19. - 22. March 2024

15:21 - 15:22

Brussels, Belgium

The International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine is organized by the Departments of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine of Erasme University Hospital, Université Libre de…

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14. - 16. February 2024

15:41 - 15:41

Bremen, Germany
The Symposium on Intensive Medicine and Intensive Care is a platform for professionals in the field to discuss current scientific findings, clinical developments, and standards in anesthesiology, intensive medicine, and intensive care.
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17. - 19. January 2024

15:32 - 15:38

Berlin, Germany
The Forum for Interdisciplinary Intensive Medicine (FII) is a medical event aimed at experienced intensive care professionals.
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Dr. Angelo Moesslang

Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director

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