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Role of Proenkephalin in Assessing Recovery from AKI and AKI-D

Speaker: Dr. Christian Nußhag, Heidelberg University Hospital

Discover new diagnostic insights presented by Dr. Christian Nusshag at the 29th AKI & CRRT in San Diego. During his presentation on the "Role of Proenkephalin in Assessing Recovery from AKI and AKI-D," Dr. Nusshag dives into real-world data that sheds new light on the critical role of Proenkephalin A 119-159 (penKid) in predicting Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) recovery. Dr. Nusshag emphasizes the limitations of current kidney function biomarkers, highlighting the need for more accurate predictors, especially during Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT).

With faster kinetics, penKid emerges as a promising biomarker, unaffected by RRT modalities, offering a potential clearer window into residual kidney function and recovery trajectories. Among the unique characteristics of penKid is its potential to improve risk stratification and help identify patients at risk of liberation failure or those experiencing unnecessary prolongation of RRT. Watch the full presentation now and stay ahead in the field of kidney health assessment.


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Dr. med. Christian Nußhag, 
Heidelberg University Hospital

Dr. Christian Nußhag is a Senior Physician at the Kidney Center of the Heidelberg University Hospital. He currently leads the research group for acute kidney injury and organ replacement therapy at Heidelberg University Hospital, which was recently awarded the 1st prize in Experimental Research by the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine (DIVI). Dr. Nußhag's research interests encompass acute kidney injury, biomarker development, organ replacement therapy, and transplantation medicine. Dr. Nußhag completed his academic journey with a doctorate in Pharmacology from the University Medicine Mainz, specialist certification in Internal Medicine in Heidelberg, and studies at both Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz and the University of Zurich.


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