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Using bio-ADM and penKid for Optimization of AHF Management in Daily Clinical Practice

Speaker: Prof. John Parissis MD, PhD, Attikon General Hospital, Head of University Clinic of Emergency Medicine, University of Athens, Greece

Acute Heart Failure (AHF) is a leading cause of hospitalization in the elderly population and it is commonly associated with poor outcomes. Early identification of high-risk patients and more reliable parameters to monitor disease progression and its outcomes may allow more effective management and a better outcome for AHF patients. 

In this webinar, Prof. Parissis presents different clinical phenotypes of AHF and the role of the kidney function biomarker penKid and the biomarker bio-ADM for endothelial function in selecting and guiding optimal therapeutic interventions. He discusses two clinical cases of AHF using these biomarkers for early risk stratification and evaluation of treatment activities.

Kindly note: SphingoTec currently offers only microtiter plate assays. The Nexus IB10 product line is no longer available.

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Dr. Parissis’ current position is Professor of Cardiology/ Emergency Medicine in the Attikon General Hospital, University of Athens, Greece. He is the Head of the University Clinic of Emergency Department and his current clinical responsibilities refer to clinical evaluation and management of acute heart failure patients. He is also responsible for the activities of outpatient HF clinic. He was chairman of the Hellenic working group on Heart Failure during the period 2007-2008. He is co-chair of Acute Heart Failure committee of ESC HF association. Finally, he served as reviewer for the ESC guidelines for Heart Failure 2012. He was member of task force for ESC HF guidelines 2016. He is also an invited speaker as an international expert in ESC annual congress and ESC Heart Failure congress over the last 10 years in various topics of chronic and acute heart failure.

Dr Parissis has published 373 articles in Cardiology/Acute Cardiac Care/Emergency Medicine peer-review international journals He was member of steering committee of ALARM-HF survey that examined the clinical profile and management of acute heart failure syndromes in Europe, Latin America and Australia. He was also Co- principal investigator in European CARD-SHOCK TRIAL National coordinator in SOLOIST HF trial. He participated in VICTORIA, GALACTIC-HF trials. He is reviewer in 27 cardiology international journals including NJEM, Lancet, Circulation, JACC, European Heart Journal. He is associate editor in European Journal of Heart Failure (impact factor: 13,5)

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