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Clinical evaluation programs

With the mission of improving patient management in acute and critical care settings, SphingoTec has started a series of collaborations with internationally leading academic and non-academic medical centers. The main goal of these collaborations is to evaluate our innovative biomarkers in the clinical routine.

Shedding light on the blind spots in disease progression

With the help of our biomarkers, clinicians can now assess the etiology of clinical symptoms in acute and critical care conditions being provided with objective tools to understand the patient’s disease state and make informed decisions.

The biomarkers include:

Assisted collaboration

The clinical evaluation programs with medical centers are supported by a dedicated team of Medical Science Liaison Managers who work closely with the local clinicians in understanding the clinical utility and actionability of our innovative biomarkers. The collaboration also benefits from skilled technical assistance and training for implementing our biomarker assays in the hospital laboratory.

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Dr. Florian Uhle

Managing Director & CMO

What you can expect from our clinical evaluation program:

1. Evaluations customized to your needs

In close interaction, we develop evaluation plans that aim at learning more about the utility of our biomarkers in certain use cases relevant to your clinical practice. Together, we decide on questions we would like to address, success criteria, and timelines.

2. Efficient biomarker assay implementation

Our technical team will provide in-depth training for you and your colleagues to allow for a swift start of an evaluation project.

3. Comprehensive medical and scientific training

As the evaluation aims to understand the utility of our biomarkers in clinical practice, we provide and/or support any medical and scientific training required to get your colleagues, nursing and laboratory staff on board.

4. Your experience counts

The key objective of an evaluation is to provide you with first-hand experience on the utility of our biomarkers in your daily routine. We will regularly review the progress of the evaluations and would appreciate learning about your experiences and observations during such reviews.

5. Creating impact

Once the evaluation ends, we would like to review the impact of our biomarkers on your clinical practice and – if you are convinced on the biomarkers’ value - decide on the next steps to make our assays routinely available at your institution.


Sphingotest® penKid® and sphingotest® bio-ADM®are offered as in vitro diagnostics. “penKid” and “bio-ADM” represent the analytes Proenkephalin A 119-159 and bioactive Adrenomedullin 1-52, respectively.