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1. Order  
Microtiter plate assays IVD tests for SphingoTec’s proprietary biomarkers are made available as sphingotest® microtiterplate tests. Get in touch to order our products or request more information …  
2. Clinical Evaluation  
With the mission of improving patient management in critical care settings, SphingoTec has started a series of collaboration with internationally leading academic and non-academic medical centers.  
3. Team  
Our skilled international team has a breadth of experience in life sciences, disease biology, biotechnology, and clinical in vitro diagnostics and is dedicated to supporting the medical community and…  
4. Service Measurements  
Next to our Nexus IB10 automated and portable immunoassay system we also provide customized MTP assays and testing services to fulfill the specific requirements of our customers.  
5. Distribution Partners  
SphingoTec has an international qualified network of distribution partners with which we work in close cooperation and mutual support. We are committed to providing our partners with exceptional…  
6. Biomarker-guided trial led by University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) opens new avenues for personalized medicine in COVID-19  
Diagnostics company SphingoTec GmbH announced the implementation of two critical care biomarkers to guide the application of a potential new drug candidate for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.  
7. COVID-19  
In severely ill COVID-19 patients, besides the main complications that include respiratory, cardiovascular and kidney diseases, an emerging body of evidence shows that endothelial function plays a…  
8. Microtiter plate assays  
For higher throughput, IVD tests for SphingoTec’s proprietary biomarkers for critical care and preventive medicine are made available as sphingotest® microtiterplate assays.  
9. Products  
SphingoTec is a fully integrated diagnostic solutions provider based in Hennigsdorf near Berlin and San Diego, CA. SphingoTec’s first-in-class biomarker tests are made available on its proprietary…  
10. Nexus IB10​ point-of-care technology  
The CE-IVD marked Nexus IB10 platform is a fully automated rapid immunoassay point-of-care instrument. With a hands-on-time of less than 3 minutes the easy-to-use system provides in only 20 minutes…  
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