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21. Medical thought leaders in critical care aim to advance precision medicine using biomarker-based approaches  
International medical experts discussed the latest developments in diagnostic and therapeutic innovations for advancing precision medicine in critically ill patients during the 4th Scientific…  
22. Biomarker Out-Licensing  
SphingoTec has established an extended intellectual property portfolio covering markers for acute care conditions such as sepsis, acute heart failure and acute kidney injury.  
23. Endothelial function biomarker bioactive Adrenomedullin (bio-ADM) enables triage of sepsis patients in the emergency department  
New findings support the clinical value of the biomarker bio-ADM for triaging sepsis patients in ED, exceeding the prognostic performance of routine biomarkers. So far, the predictive potential of…  
24. LinkedIn Test  
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25. Thank You  
Thank you for your request We will reach out to you shortly. SphingoTec GmbH Neuendorfstr. 15 16761 Hennigsdorf Phone: 03302 205650 Email: info[at]  
26. Products  
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27. Order  
Microtiter plate assays IVD tests for SphingoTec’s proprietary biomarkers are made available as sphingotest® microtiterplate tests. Get in touch to order our products or request more information …  
28. Microtiter plate assays  
For higher throughput, IVD tests for SphingoTec’s proprietary biomarkers for critical care and preventive medicine are made available as sphingotest® microtiterplate assays.  
29. Team  
Our skilled international team has a breadth of experience in life sciences, disease biology, biotechnology, and clinical in vitro diagnostics and is dedicated to supporting the medical community and…  
30. About Us  
SphingoTec develops and markets innovative in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for novel and proprietary blood-based protein biomarkers. These tests allow for the diagnosis, outcome prediction, and…  
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