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Acute Care Indications and Pathways

Critical care settings

SphingoTec identified major pathways driving mortality in critical care and has developed specific biomarkers predicting, diagnosing and monitoring these major mortality drivers. Find out more about the critical care settings in which our biomarkers can complement the critical care diagnostics. 

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Acute Care Pathways

SphingoTec develops and markets innovative in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for novel and proprietary biomarkers. Our biomarkers allow for the diagnosis, prediction and monitoring of acute medical conditions, such as sepsis, acute heart failure, circulatory shock, and acute kidney injury. They support patient management and provide guidance for treatment strategies. 

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Acute Care Biomarkers

Following a deep understanding of disease biology, SphingoTec has developed novel biomarkers addressing diagnostically underserved critical care conditions. The biomarkers are clinically validated in over 100,000 patients.

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