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The 25th International Conference on Advances in Critical Care Nephrology AKI & CRRT 2020

24. - 27. February 2020 08:21 - 08:22 San Diego, USA

The CRRT conference provides a comprehensive review of advances in clinical care, research, and technology in critical care medicine with a focus on the kidney and renal support techniques.

Oral Presentations at AKI & CRRT 2020:

Session: Bench to Bedside: Translating Discoveries to Clinical Care, February 24, 2020

“Proenkephalin: Is it the New GFR Marker?” presented by Peter Pickkers (Radboud University | RU · Department of Intensive Care)

Session: Acute Kidney Injury (AKI): Pathophysiology, February 25, 2020

“DPP3 in Critical Illness: Another Piece of the Puzzle” presented by Matthieu Legrand (University of California, San Francisco | UCSF · Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care)


Poster Presentation at AKI & CRRT 2020:

Title: Proenkephalin, a Novel Biomarker for Kidney Function, is Earlier in Detecting Acute Kidney Injury Compared to Creatinine.

Authors R Beunders, M Meekes, J Struck, P Pickkers

Title: Proenkephalin Predicts Renal Dysfunction, Organ Failures, Renal Replacement Therapy, and Mortality in Sepsis

Authors H Kim, M Hur, J Struck, A Bergmann, S Di Somma

Title: penKid Proenkephalin A 119–159 effectively predicts Acute Kidney Injury, Multiple Organ Failure, Mortality particularly among septic patients at the ER with seemingly intact renal function

Authors M Rosenqvist, K Bronton, O Hartmann, A Bergmann, J Struck & O Melander


Sphingotec Symposium at AKI & CCRT 2020:

In a symposium organized by sphingotec titled “Relevant Pathways, Novel Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches in Acute Organ Dysfunction” leading clinical researchers will further discuss pathways leading to acute organ dysfunctions in critically ill patients as well as a novel diagnostic solution to assess the involvement of such pathways in acute and critical care conditions. Beyond providing an overview of novel biomarkers for monitoring kidney function, endothelial function, and DPP3-mediated heart and kidney dysfunction, the speakers will also share findings that are qualifying these biomarkers as biotargets.



24-27 February 2020
Manchestes Grand Hyatt, San Diego, CA, USA
Meet us at booth No. 2 in the Coronado Ballroom