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Laboratory service for clinical studies

SphingoTec develops and markets innovative biomarkers for the diagnosis, prediction and monitoring of acute medical conditions. For clinical studies, we not only make available our biomarkers as microtiter plate assays, but we, together with partner laboratories also offer service measurements to our clinical and research partners. Our custom testing services can be tailored to meet the experimental requirements of our partners, thus saving time and resources.

MTP biomarker measurements

On the basis of optimized protocols, we provide reliable services and quick turn-around times. Below you will find the full MTP biomarker assay range:

Biomarker assays available as service measurements 
Test name Description
sphingotest® bio-ADM®Immunoluminometric assay (ILMA) for the determination of bioactive Adrenomedullin (bio-ADM) in human EDTA plasma. 
sphingotest® penKid®Immunoluminometric assay (ILMA) for the determination of Proenkephalin (penKid) in human EDTA plasma.
sphingotest® pro-ENKImmunoluminometric assay (ILMA) for determining Enkephalin/Proenkephalin 119-159 (pro-ENK) in human EDTA plasma.

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