pro-NT / pro-ENK

sphingotest® pro-NT

  • The peptide hormone Neurotensin is the missing link between fat uptake and risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease and breast cancer1
  • Proneurotensin (pro-NT) is a stable surrogate marker for Neurotensin2
  • Elevated pro-NT plasma levels are associated with increased risk of:
    – Obesity1
    – Cardiovascular diseases3,4 Read more…
    – Breast cancer4,5 Read more…
  • pro-NT levels can be reduced into a “low risk range” by low-fat-diet and life-style adjustments

sphingotest® pro-ENK

  • pro-ENK is a stable surrogate marker for the unstable peptide hormones Met- and Leu-Enkephalin1
  • Enkephalin stimulates programmed cell death (apoptosis) of cancer cells and the tumor-specific immune response2,3
  • Low fasting plasma levels of pro-ENK are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer4