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Our Culture

At sphingotec we believe in excellence and innovation and we remain true to our mission to improve patients’ outcomes not only when it comes to acute care settings, but we also focus on preventive medicine. In our company we recognize and appreciate one another´s efforts, and we share our success and celebrate together the achievements. We are Scientists and Researchers, Financers and Administrators, Marketers and Sales, Operators and Quality experts. We complement each other’s expertise and work together in flat hierarchies to archive our shared goals .
We use leading-edge technology and combine it with a deep understanding of disease biology. The result are biomarkers and diagnostic solutions that improve patient outcomes for acute care and preventive medicine: Our diagnostic solutions provide actionable insights in real-time for underserved medical conditions. A career at sphingotec is not just a job – it´s a life pursuit in the service of a better patient care.

Benefits and perks

As an international, private company we conduct ourselves with responsibility and we are performance driven with a focus on long-term development. One reason for our success as a biotechnology company is the commitment of our employees to embrace innovation and change. We value the most engaged collaborators and we offer a great benefit package  and a motivating international work environment. At sphingotec young professionals can pursue their career in biotechnology industry. The professionals with work experience will find new challenges and individual ways of further developing their career paths. Below you can find some of the benefits you will enjoy by joining our team:

  • An exciting job in a company geared towards international growth with a flat hierarchy and short decision-making processes.
  • A unique, innovative product portfolio with the highest medical added value
  • Attractive remmuneration
  • A dynamic working environment in a team that successfully combines experienced industry experts with young high potentials.
  • Great career development prospects within an international and innovation-focused company
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Wellness programs and regular team events
  • A good work-life balance supported by flexible working hours, flextime with core working hours from 9 am – 3 pm, and 30 payed vacation days in a year.


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We drive innovation

SphingoTec GmbH develops and markets innovative in vitro diagnostic IVD tests for novel and proprietary biomarkers for the diagnosis, prediction and monitoring of acute medical conditions, such as acute heart failure, circulatory shock, and acute kidney injury in order to support patient management and provide guidance for treatment strategies. In addition, we have developed a portfolio of novel biomarkers, which predict the risks of obesity, breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The approach we take is entirely hypothesis-driven and builds on a deep understanding of disease biology.


Our assay portfolio includes sphingotest® bio-ADM® the assay for bioactive adrenomedullin, a unique biomarker for real-time assessment of vascular integrity in conditions like sepsis or congestive heart failure, sphingotest® penKid®, the assay for proenkephalin, a unique biomarker for real-time assessment of kidney function and sphingotest® DPP3, an assay for Dipeptidyl Peptidase 3, a unique biomarker for signaling pathway disruptions leading to acute organ dysfunction. Along with the Nexus IB10 POC platform, aquired from the 100% Samsung-subsidiary Nexus Dx Inc. (San Diego, CA, USA) we market a standard marker portfolio for acute care.